Have You Experienced The Hairy Tongue

A hairy tongue?! When bacteria and fungus build up on the papillae of the tongue, the papillae can grow up to 15 times their normal length. This causes the look of the tongue to be “hairy”.

Although it can look pretty scary, this oral condition is actually relatively harmless and should not hurt. Usually when this overgrowth happens, the color of the hairy tongue is black. The tongue can also become green, brown, yellow, or other colors. The color just depends on what substances the papillae of the tongue pick up.

What are the causes of a hairy tongue? When good bacteria are eliminated in the mouth due to a multitude of reasons, this can cause an imbalance. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking excessive coffee/ tea, antibiotic use, dehydration, dry mouth, and regularly using mouthwash with peroxide are some reasons why someone may develop this condition.

Eliminating the contributing factors that cause a hairy tongue to begin with will be the best way to stop the condition from continuing. There are also anti fungal mouthwashes that can help speed up the process.

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Who Are Veneers for

Our dentistry in Woodbridge offers porcelain dental veneers as a cosmetic procedure to help restore patients’ smiles. Custom-designed to match the aesthetics of your natural teeth, the results of porcelain veneers can drastically transform the beauty of your smile.

Have you considered porcelain veneers and wonder if you are a good candidate for this procedure?

Let’s take a look at some factors that could suggest porcelain veneers are a right fit for your smile transformation.

Healthy Teeth: Your teeth must be healthy enough to accommodate the preparation of veneers. A small portion of the front of your teeth is removed for the procedure, so your underlying teeth must be a strong support to uphold the bonding and veneers.

Only Minor Corrections Needed: If there are only minor cosmetic issues needed to be fixed, porcelain veneers are a great procedure to consider. Stains and chips are easily fixed if the underlying gums and teeth of the patient are healthy.

Lifelong commitment: Porcelain veneers are for those who are willing to continue with veneers for the entirety of their lives. Because of the preparation required for veneers, you cannot switch to another procedure down the line such as dental bonding. You will need to eventually replace your porcelain veneers after a decade or so when your veneers start to wear down.

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