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Remineralize with X-Pur Remin

At Pine Seven Dental Centre, a lot of our patients have asked us about a fluoride free toothpaste that they can add to their at-home oral care regimen. They’ve asked and we’ve found X-Pur Remin Toothpaste as a solution. Using nano medical hydroxyapatite, we love  this toothpaste for its tooth remineralization capabilities too.

X-PUR Remin toothpaste is the #1 fluoride free toothpaste against tooth sensitivity, cavities and dry mouth. Let’s take a look at what makes this toothpaste so special.


● X-Pur Remin has the ingredient nano medical hydroxyapatite, which has the ability to
remineralize tooth enamel more effectively than saliva and just as effectively as fluoride.
● It fills and repairs minute surface defects on tooth enamel, restoring enamel to its original
● It adheres to and helps remove bacteria and biofilm, while protecting against tooth
● It removes white spots and caries, while restoring enamel almost to its original form.
● It protects against biofilm attachment and stains by reducing the crevices that harbor

Antimicrobial properties:

● X-Pur Remin absorbs periodontal pathogens, helping reduce the risk of oral soft tissue

Treatment for sensitive teeth:

● X-Pur Remin coats and fills exposed dentin, protecting against dentinal hypersensitivity.
Teeth whitening:
● It improves tooth whiteness and gloss from the increase in surface minerals.

What’s not to love about this wonderful toothpaste? Yes, go get it now! Your mouth will definitely thank you. Book your appointment with us at Pine Seven Dental Centre in Woodbridge and grab a few tubes here if you like. We always got it at our dental office just in case someone’s in need!

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