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Can You Benefits Using a Water Floss

We understand that some people may neglect the very critical step of flossing their teeth because of the tedious nature of using dental floss. Sorry to say, but flossing is a MUST for maintaining your oral health, overall health and preventing gum disease. If traditional dental floss isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we may have just the perfect alternative for you! Have you heard of water flossing?

water flossingA water floss or water pik works by directly pulsating high pressure water from the tip of the floss to your gum line and in between your teeth. Water flossers are actually reported to be 52% better at reducing gingivitis than traditional flossing. It’s the high pressure along with the pulsating of the water that makes water flossing super effective and efficient at releasing plaque and food particles from in between gums and teeth.

 Can you benefit from water flossing?

  • If you have braces, water flossing can remove food and bacteria around braces that string floss can’t reach.
  • If you have poor hand dexterity, water flossing is much easier to control than using string floss.
  • If you have spaces in between your teeth, a receding gum line or uneven teeth, string floss may not be super effective to get in all areas of the teeth. Water flossing may be a better alternative.

At our dental office in Woodbridge, ON, we have water flossers at our office. If you’re interested and think you can benefit from using a water flosser, we can show you how to properly use one.

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